Unprecedented Features

The Frame Home approach is to create residential spaces that are innovative in architecture, modern in design, and extraordinarily low in carbon consumption. From CLT to passive house design, Frame 122 is built using state-of-the-art technologies that help us reduce energy demand and have a positive impact on the lives of our residents and the environment. 


CLT: Cross-laminated timber, an engineered wood product, provides structural integrity without the need for fossil fuels during production. Its carbon-sequestering properties contribute to reduced emissions while offering a warm, cozy atmosphere, enhanced sound insulation, and superior thermal retention.


Solar panels installed on the Frame 122’s roof will generate enough power during daytime hours to supply the majority of the building’s energy needs.

Passive House Design Principles

With robust insulation, thermal sleeving, high-performance windows, and overall energy efficiency, Frame 122 operates entirely without fossil fuels.

Sub Metered Energy

 Residents are billed based on their personal energy consumption within each unit, and the rate is capped, so that the residential will not ever pay more than what the local utility company charges.

Internet for All

 Frame 122’s apartments and communal spaces come equipped with Honest broadband wifi standard and free of charge. 

Internal Courtyard

Often seen in Europe, rarely in Brooklyn- Frame 122’s apartments are situated around a lush communal courtyard. Providing an interior source of light to all residents. A tree does indeed grow in Brooklyn.

Communal Backyard

A lush green space for all Frame 122’s residents, our communal backyard is a place to gather, play, and enjoy the great outdoors- Brooklyn style.

Private Parking Garage with EV Enabled Spots

A parking garage, Frame style. Each and every one of these private parking spaces come with a universal EV charger standard. The future of Brooklyn parking has arrived on Waverly Avenue.


A place to prioritize health. The gym at Frame 122 features a variety of cardio equipment, free weights and bench, and space to stretch and sweat.

Efficient Electric, Heating, and Cooling

Frame Home apartments do not use fossil fuels. All heating, cooling and hot water are provided by energy-efficient electrical systems.

Personal Storage Lockers

Dedicated secured storage lockers in the cellar for every apartment. For those things that you need, just not every day.

Safe and Secure E-Bicycle Charging

E-bikes are here to stay, so we’ve invested in our residents’ safety by installing a secure and fire proofed e-bike battery charger locker for any 122 resident who needs to power up.

Dedicated Bike Parking

We provide parking for people powered modes of transportation too! Residents can choose between the secure indoor bicycle room in the cellar or the bike rack in the courtyard for easy coming and going.